Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Still Chugging Along

I'm now painting another set of ten squats up, I'll have to post some pictures soon. I've also started on scratch building a Warhound titan (I've got two feet and a leg done thus far) and I'm still working on those termites for the Squats list. I cut the bodies of the termites from some PVC piping and am working on the drill bit for the front of the termites. I'm just about done with the chimera for my squats too.

Oh, and check out this ebay store for some cool not squats.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

More Details on the Army list

So, here is a more details breakdown of the Command HQ. I'll post more details on the rest of the units at a later date.

Command Platoon
Command Squad
Heroic Senior Officer [129]
Carapace Armour; Die-Hards; Drop Troops; Hardened Fighters; Medallion Crimson; Refractor Field; Power Fist; Bolter; Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades; Melta Bombs
Guardsmen x2 [91]
Carapace Armour; Die-Hards; Drop Troops; Hardened Fighters; Master Vox-Caster: May use the Officers leadership once per turn; Laspistol & CCW (x2); Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades
Medic x1 [21]
Carapace Armour; Die-Hards; Drop Troops; Hardened Fighters; Medi-pack; Bolt Pistol; Close Combat Weapon; Frag Grenade (Squad); Krak Grenade (Squad); Melta Bombs
Standard Bearer x1 [39]
Carapace Armour; Die-Hards; Drop Troops; Hardened Fighters; Regimental Standard; Laspistol & CCW; Frag Grenade (Squad); Krak Grenade (Squad); Melta Bombs

Total Cost: 260

I'll post some work in progress shots of the termites I'm scratch building in a few days. I've also been working on a converted chimera for the squats (even though I won't use it with a drop troops list).

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Army List

So, since my last posting I've gotten another ten squats painted. I've also sat down and composed my army list. I spent alot of time deciding what doctrines to use. I don't have any Bikes so I don't need to worry about using them, I could count them as rough riders if the need arises. I may use some Trikes as sentinals at some point, but for now I'm going to go with a mass of termite mounted infantry (using the drop-troops doctrine). In the future I may scratch build some old Epic Iron Eagle based Valkries.

So I settled on the following doctrines.
Carapace Armour
Die Hards
Drop Troops (or tunneling troops)
Hardened Fighters

.... and the list is as follows.

Command Platoon 260pts
Heroic Senior Officer
Standard Bearer
2x Guardsmen including Voxcaster

Hardened Veterans 257pts
Veteran Sergeant
4x Shotguns
1x Plasma Gun
1x Grenade Launcher
1x Flamer
1x Missle Launcher
Vox Caster

Hardened Veterans 198 pts
Veteran Sergeant
4x Las Pistol CCW
5x Shotguns

Infantry Pltoon 401 pts
Command Squad
2x Infantry Squad

Infantry Pltoon 382 pts
Command Squad
2x Infantry Squad

...for a total of 1498 pts

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Imperial Squats

I've been collecting Squats (and Praetorian IG) since somewhere around 2000 (as you can imagine I've amassed quite a few) and have never really done anything with them, but recently seeing the work Col. Gravis has been doing with his Praetorian IG I've decided to get my butt in gear and post a record of my progress here. Below is a picture of my Command HQ which I've just recently finished painting (the pic was taken on my DVD shelf, so excuse the DVDs in the background). Feedback is always appreciated and feel free to check out Wargaming According to TheWart to see what else I'm doing with wargaming at the moment.